Cyber Security

Teaches students how to defend their personal computer from cyber attacks. While also showing them helpful skills to prevent themselves from becoming potential targets in the first place.

Web Development

Begining by coding their own basic web page and being able to host their website so that others around the world can view their work. Teaches students the basic skill levels of HTML and CSS languages.


This course shows basic level electrical engineering and programming abilities in order to design, build and program their own quad-drone.

Software Development

Learn how to development applications for computers such as a calculator and an ATM machine. This shows how developing on a desktop is possible for anyone.

Reverse Engineering

Ever wonder how electronics work? Take things apart to figure out how they operate.

Computer Programming

Develop algorithums to see how Google and Encryption programs make the would a more connected and safer place.

Learn More Through Technology!

More Than 50% Of Todays Jobs Require The Use Of A Computer And Automation Is Entering the Workforce In Places Never Seen Before. Such As The Developent Of Self Driving Cars And Artificial Inteligence. Learn


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